COMSUME wants your independently produced books, vinyl, video and roms to sit along side some tasty bits from the likes of AK Press, Praxis records, Ellipsis, Blaa, Blaa... we do not have all that much space to show stuff so make it quick...

Now as we are collecting all this material and (hopefully) dispatching it to all you hungry punters we will make an attempt at logging who's what, when and why but in my experience these things tend to bear little fruit because they get outdated as quickly as you build them up. Anyway please be patient if you get asked some basic questions about stuff.

this space will be extended

If you have material to flog you can pop in during open hours - noon each day and close at 8PM (closed Mondays and Tuesdays).
Or you can fill in this form and wait a day or so to hear back from us.