COMSUME Is focused on some new territory for and we are really trying some of this out for the first time. selling stuff, well who would have thought this possible following as it does some vocal anti capitalistic dialogue and immediatist action in recent years at BACKSPACE. Contradiction ..what? Not only is it in us all but a social fabric without contra flow is not navigable. Where are we off to?

Well as we are often reminded, at every point of collaboration exists an option for exploitation. Indeed many practices traditionally sit on the commodity line, subject to the forces at play in those markets. At the fringes of these initiatives stand some of those upholding standards and ideologies grounded in an experience of practice remarkable for qualities of accessability and noncommercial determination. It is with some of these producers that we begin an exploration of retail culture and practice and indeed a will to represent them appropriately.

this space will be extended

Do you know of groups or organisations as described that you feel would be interested in CONSUME and might wish to flog their stuff through us.
If you do please pass them our contact mail address or drop us a message yourself and tell us more.

I must again extend a special shout of thanks to Tim Cook for his massive effort realising the forms out of the sketches and materials we had to go on to display and store this stuff in the shop and for the continuing loan of the lamps. All the CONSUME fittings have been built entirely out of reclaimed materials some of which I have been dragging out of Winchester Wharf others we picked up as we needed them ....... thank heavens for power tools.