Its more than fad, consider the trouble and inconvenience caused by the restrictive regulations of sale and burdensome duty extracted on alcohol products in the UK, we spend well over the odds for quality food products at entertainment venues and public sites, break down the monopolies, take out your own homemade food and share it.... don't wait to be sold overpriced low quality goods of any sort, get you own supply arranged and share what you can. If you are arranging an event or puplic gathering its worth passing on the reminder.....

[don't forget the smells of cooked food, smoking and vomiting you four pack...sometimes offends others]

Bring Your Own Food And Drink.... but tidy up after, you lazy bastards.

enough already..get me back

founder of strike foundation

This is Siraj, founder of the Strike Foundation, a modest yet ambitious man of strong will and kind words. He has made it possible for CONSUME to make a start providing the space and his time freely. CONSUME will be making donations to the foundation from shop profits as we go along.. for more info about the work of Strike Foundatin mail him at