consume is all this

This week June 2000 opens a new project space in the lobby of DIYplc and to invite you along between 12PM and eight for a lookhearsniff.

CONSUME retails: books, vinyl, video and roms in an exquisite drop in location.
CONSUME wants: your independently published and archive material to flog off.
CONSUME relays: impromptu sets and rarified stock over its independent networks.

CONSUME will be open for sales as will higher levels of the DIYplc facility, where you will be welcome to nose around for a while, tune into the consummate output and digest each others enthusiasm, a glass or two and bugger off in time for us to shut up shop.

We open again at noon each day and close at 8PM (closed Mondays and Tuesdays).

Commercial House
43a Commercial Street
London E1 6BD